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Which Service Is The Right One For Me?

We can help you to make this decision based on your individual circumstances and requirements.  Things to take in to consideration when making your decision are the amount of time you have available to deal with a tenancy, liaising with your tenant, organising property maintenance, carrying out property visits etc. and how confident or experienced you are regarding the management of  your property and the obligations involved in a tenancy.


*Tenant Find Service

This is the service chosen by landlords who want to deal directly with their tenants on a day to day basis and manage the maintenance of their property themselves. It is popular with landlords who live near to their property and/or have experience in managing a property.


Once we have set up the tenancy for you, we will charge you a one off fee and then hand over the management of the tenancy to you.  You would be responsible for collection of the rent, dealing with your tenants directly, property visits and maintenance issues.


Please call our office on 01305 534299 to arrange a free, no obligation rental appraisal which will ensure you receive the best advice


*Please see table on Landlord page for full details of items included in this service

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